Visit the Sami Parliament

Sámediggi is open during the weekday (mon-fri) from 08.00-15.30.

Ođas | Almmuhuvvon , ođasmahtton

There will be «drop-in» guided tours at 13.00 (1:00 pm) when the Sámediggi is open, except when Sámediggi has plenarymeeting.

During the summerseason, mid-june to mid-august (14.06-16.08.19) there will be 6 guided tours per day: at 08.30, 09.30, 10,30 and 12.30, 13.30 and 14.30. Duration per tour will be 30 minutes.

Maximum amount that can join the group will be 25 persons. The guided tours are free.

Contact information

Ávjovárgeaidnu 50
N-9730 Kárášjohka/Karasjok, Norway

Telephone: +47 78 47 40 00,

Read more about the Sami Parliament in this brochure:

The Sami Parliament PDF | 1.61 MB

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